[Jewelry Plastic Surgery] Big and Clear✨Buried Double Eyelid Surgery

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Real Review

Are all double eyelid surgeries the same?

With more knots and a secure multi-surgery techniqueThe unique method of
Jewelry Plastic Surgery Clinic that ensures lasting results
By carefully analyzing the eye skin, eyeball and bone position, the width of the eye in all directions,
the length of the eye skin, and the size and position of the pupil, we promise the best results with the utmost effort.

Buried Method Surgery Procedure

In consultation with the specialist, after designing a line that suits the individual, fine holes are created based on the surgical plan.

After aligning with the line, tie it multiple times (varies between individuals but typically 5 to 7 points), then tie it tightly once more to ensure it does not come undone

As the surgery is completed, it creates a clear and defined line and eye shape.

Effects of Buried Method

Achieve a natural look
Eyes appear more defined as the hidden pupils become visible
More defined eyes!

Correcting asymmetrical eye sizes
Widening effect with sclera exposure
Clearer eyes!

Low probability of loosening with
multi-surgery technique
Larger eyes
Wider eyes!

Completing a natural line without scars
Don’t worry about scars!


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