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Amid the ongoing Korean wave, interest in K-BEAUTY has soared, with South Korea’s cosmetic surgery industry also emerging as a prominent representative of K-BEAUTY. Every year, there is a growing demand from foreign tourists visiting Korea to receive cosmetic medical services. We provide guidance on the surgical procedures available in Korea. For detailed information about the surgeries, you can click on the right.

Eye Surgery

Illustration of eye surgery procedure with a focus on enhancement of the eyelid and eye area.

Eyes hold significant importance within the face, being the focal point that captures the longest gaze during initial encounters, thus playing a crucial role in shaping one’s overall image and ambiance. There’s a growing trend, regardless of gender, where individuals are increasingly opting for eye plastic surgery to attempt an image change.

Nose Surgery

Illustration of nose surgery showcasing a refined and enhanced nose with a sparkle symbol.

The nose occupies a central position on the face, determining not only facial harmony but also the three-dimensional aspect of the entire face. Given the unique shape of noses among individuals, there are various surgical methods for nasal plastic surgery, including dorsal hump reduction, short nose correction, nasal bridge and tip refinement, deviated septum correction, and correction of crooked noses.

Facial Contouring

Illustration highlighting facial contouring procedures for a balanced and symmetrical face shape.

Every year, there is increasing interest in facial contouring surgery. Contouring surgery involves changing the facial bones to correct contours, creating a long and small V-line contour. It is subdivided into procedures like zygomatic reduction, mandible reduction, and chin surgery, tailored to the individual’s situation and facial shape.


Illustration of liposuction procedure focusing on body reshaping and fat removal.

Even with diligent weight loss efforts such as exercise and dietary restrictions, it is not easy to reduce only the desired areas. Liposuction removes fat quickly, sculpting the body into a balanced shape. Since the surgery site and amount of fat vary from person to person, it is essential to choose a hospital with extensive experience and surgical expertise.

Fat Grafting

Illustration of Fat Grafting procedure on face with syringe

As time passes, natural aging processes occur in the face. Fat transfer involves taking fat from areas such as the thighs or abdomen and transplanting it into sunken areas where volume has been lost, resulting in a lively and vibrant face with added fullness.

Breast Surgery

Drawing of Breast Surgery procedure for augmentation and contouring

Breast augmentation is one of the surgeries that women are highly satisfied with. It can enhance small breasts to achieve volume and can also improve asymmetrical or sagging breasts to create an ideal appearance. Factors such as the individual’s breast condition and body shape need to be considered when selecting the appropriate surgical method along with suitable implants.

Lip Surgery

Graphic of Lip Surgery for cosmetic lip enhancement

Thick lips play a role in creating distinct facial features. Lip filler is often mentioned as a simple lip shaping procedure. Other procedures include corner of the mouth correction and lip augmentation. These surgeries can sculpt the lips into the most ideal shape that complements one’s facial features.


Icon of Gynoplasty procedure for female genital area enhancement

Gynoplasty offers solutions for the aging of the body after pregnancy and childbirth, as well as various gynecological symptoms. It not only promotes health but also allows for improvement in sexual function.

Hair Transplant/Hair Loss Restoration

Illustration of hair transplant process representing hair loss restoration services

Due to factors such as genetics, irregular lifestyles, and stress, there has been an increase in hair loss among younger individuals. Hair transplant is the most reliable method for improving one’s image and overcoming insecurities through hair loss treatment. Additionally, women can achieve the appearance of smaller face through hairline hair transplant.


Illustration of a woman's face receiving anti-aging treatments highlighting rejuvenation services

Anti-aging surgery is a procedure that improves the effects of aging, such as drooping eyelids, deep wrinkles around the mouth, loss of cheek fat, and the phenomenon of the jawline becoming double. It involves removing skin tissue and pulling muscles and skin to create a youthful, elastic face.

Severe Illnesses

Icon depicting medications and supplements, including a bottle, blister pack, and capsules_image from ABK

Dealing with severe illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and neurological disorders can be daunting. At ABK, we connect patients with world-class healthcare providers specializing in advanced treatments and state-of-the-art technology. Our partner hospitals offer comprehensive care plans, ensuring personalized and high-quality medical attention. Traveling for treatment can provide access to groundbreaking therapies and expertise not available locally.

Medical Checkup

Pink stethoscope icon on a light pink background_image from ABK

Regular medical checkups are essential for early detection and prevention of various health conditions. ABK connects you with top-tier healthcare facilities offering comprehensive medical evaluations. From routine blood tests to advanced imaging techniques, our partner hospitals/clinics utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure a thorough assessment of health. Experience peace of mind and proactive care with high-quality medical checkups abroad.


Illustration of a hand holding a tooth, symbolizing dental care_image from ABK

Oral health plays a pivotal role in your overall well-being, and ABK is dedicated to connecting you with exceptional dental care providers. Our partners offer a wide array of services including teeth whitening, root canals, crowns, and dental implants. Utilizing innovative techniques and high-quality materials, they ensure durable and aesthetically pleasing results. Comprehensive dental care plans are crafted to suit individual patient needs, promoting excellent oral hygiene and long-lasting dental health. Let us facilitate your access to world-class dental treatments and a confident smile.


Illustration of a facial massage with hands placed on a head and chin_image from ABK

Healthy skin is reflective of overall well-being, and addressing dermatological issues promptly is crucial. Our services link you with leading dermatologists renowned for their expertise in treating a wide range of skin conditions. From acne, eczema, and psoriasis to advanced cosmetic procedures like laser therapy and anti-aging treatments, our partner clinics offer state-of-the-art solutions. Utilizing the latest medical advancements, these specialists provide effective and personalized treatments ensuring both health and aesthetic satisfaction. Trust in our network to restore and maintain your skin’s health and beauty.

Plastic Surgery for Men

Illustration of a man's upper body highlighting areas for potential plastic surgery enhancements

Male plastic surgery aims to enhance a man’s image to create a more favorable impression by adjusting the balance of the eyes, nose, and facial contours to match the aesthetic image. It is a surgery that appeals to the unique charm of men, considering the body shape and proceeding with surgery tailored to individual characteristics.

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