[Information on our interpretation fee] Enjoy our premium service with the same interpretation fee as 2015



Lately, the cost of Korean interpreters has risen significantly,

prompting many interpretation companies to raise their fees simultaneously.

However, leveraging years of experience and a well-established interpretation system,

ABK has maintained the same interpretation fees set in 2015,

demonstrating our commitment to affordability and consistency.

ABK Premium Interpretation

The team ensures top-notch interpretation quality for our clients on every occasion, all while maintaining the most competitive rates in the industry.


Unlike some interpretation firms and medical tourism agencies that rely on untrained part-time staff or freelancers,

we employ full-time medical tourism coordinators with extensive experience,

who are recognized and trained professionals in the field.


With our team of highly qualified interpreters, we deliver precise interpretation and exceptional service that sets us apart from other companies.

Moreover, we continually enhance the quality of our services through ongoing training initiatives. Our goal is to ensure that clients who have utilized ABK’s services once will experience even greater satisfaction with each subsequent interaction.

As a result, customers who have engaged with ABK are highly likely to become repeat clients, returning to ABK for their future needs.

Below, we provide information regarding our interpretation fees.

👩‍⚕️Interpretation Fee👨‍⚕️

Type Price
Consultation (once per day, up to 3 times per day) KRW 50,000/session
On the day of surgery (surgery preparation – discharge) KRW 100,000/session
Care (online) KRW 20,000/session
Care (face-to-face) KRW 30,000/session

We maintain the lowest prices in the market while providing high-quality services,

and we have established reasonable criteria for each service.

Below, we will provide information about the standard duration for interpretation services.

🔔Standard for Each Interpretation Service🔔

To consistently deliver the best interpretation services in the industry, we continually manage to maintain high-quality standards.

To ensure that our medical tourism coordinators and interpreters provide the best service to our customers, we have established the following criteria.

This is ABK’s commitment to providing consistent reliability to all customers.

Type Description
Consultation Standard time: 2 hours

Cost: KRW 50,000/session

Description: While consultation sessions typically do not exceed 2 hours, the standard duration is set at 2 hours. However, if additional consultation is required or waiting time occurs due to customer or hospital reservation errors, additional charges may apply. (An additional fee of 30,000 won per hour will be incurred for exceeding the standard duration.)

Operation Standard time: 6 hours

Cost: KRW 100,000/session

Description: We will accompany you through all the processes from surgical preparation, safe anesthesia, to discharge after surgery. Typically, the entire process is completed within 6 hours, so the standard duration for the day of surgery is set at 6 hours with flexibility. If the standard duration is unavoidably exceeded, additional charges will apply. (An additional fee of 30,000 won per hour will be incurred for exceeding the standard duration. For late-night hours (after 9 p.m.), an additional fee of 50,000 won per hour will apply.)

Care Standard time: 1.5 hours

Cost: KRW 30,000/session

Description: (Available for consultation or surgery clients only) We will accompany you when you undergo outpatient treatment. Typically, the care is completed within 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. (If the standard duration is exceeded, an additional fee of 30,000 won per hour will apply.)

Online Care Standard time: 1.5 hours

Cost: KRW 20,000/session

Description: (Available for consultation or surgery clients only) We provide interpretation services online (via LINE, Google, KakaoTalk, etc.) when you undergo outpatient treatment. If interpretation is needed during your stay at the hospital for care, you can request interpretation online from the time you arrive at the hospital until you are discharged.


When coming to Korea for medical tourism, there may be many expectations and concerns at the same time.

One of the concerns is likely related to interpretation.

While AI technology has advanced significantly, medical interpretation in specialized fields such as plastic surgery, dermatology, dentistry, and health checkups requires expertise.

If incorrect interpretation occurs during counseling or medical examinations, the damage to the client can be irreversible.


ABK fully understands the desire of clients to receive the best interpretation services smoothly and without any issues.

Since 2013, with our expertise in medical tourism that has continued even during the COVID-19 period, ABK promises the best interpretation services to our clients.

Thank you 🙂

*For customers who share this post on X (Twitter) and request interpretation,

We are offering a KRW 10,000 discount on the interpretation fee!

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