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ABK stands as a stylish and confident beauty management group,
a unique collaboration brand, dedicated exclusively to individuals like you.

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ABK, aiming for enduring beauty and well-being, sets the course for confidence.

With 10 years of experience,
our expert beauty coordinators promise to ensure your comfort during your visit to Korea.

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All Beauty Korea

Since 2013, ABK (ALL BEAUTY KOREA) has been providing beauty and plastic surgery intermediary services in Korea. As an officially certified medical tourism company by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea, ABK collaborates with numerous hospitals and clinics to fulfill various aesthetic needs of our customers.

ABK provides services enriched with authentic warmth, aiming to fulfill not only outward beauty but also inner beauty, embodying the essence of human charm.



ABK takes pride in its most distinguished service: professional medical coordinators.

Our team consists of people with extensive experience and expertise. This includes a Japanese staff member with a nursing license in Japan and 15 years of experience, staff members with over 10 years of interpretation and translation experience, holding top qualifications, and staff members with experience working in Korean cosmetic surgery clinics. With their long-standing careers and specialized knowledge, ABK ensures to deliver interpretation services that meet customers’ demands beyond 120% in Korean.


Total Service

We offer more than just professional interpretation.
Our total concierge service covers online consultations, airport pick-up, hotel reservations, escorts, and aftercare.
Customers considering medical tourism in Korea can rely on ABK without having to prepare their journey by themselves.

Foreign Patient Attraction Business Registration Certificate

ABK is dedicated to providing top-notch results that meet our clients’ needs.
Rather than solely recommending expensive procedures, we focus on thoroughly understanding our clients’ desires and guiding them toward achieving their desired outcomes.
ABK takes pride in its high rate of repeat visits, which we believe reflects the exceptional satisfaction with our services.

We are committed to always putting our customers first and providing even safer and more honest services.


Journey to be real



A beauty manager that’s perfect for you. Customized for just one person. We promise you customized consultation and planning.

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Items with the most number of surgeries

💕Facial contouring
💗Incision nose lifting surgery
💕Reoperation (revision)
💗Full body liposuction

(As of December 31, 2022)

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