(ABK_Medical Tour) ABK Secret Event

Oh, you’ve received our SECRET card!


Please add us as a friend on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: +82 10 6273 7255

We will offer you benefits that you can use immediately.





💓Benefit 1: Consultation Interpretation Discount Voucher

For everyone who books a hospital appointment through us, we provide free consultation interpretation.


💓Benefit 2: Skincare / Teeth Whitening

In collaboration with hospitals, you can receive skincare and teeth whitening services.


💓Benefit 3: Airport sending service

For everyone who undergoes surgery through ABK, we provide an airport sending service (surgery amount KRW 3,000,000 or higher).


💓Benefit 4: starbucks coupon 1

For everyone who selects items from the ABK shop and sends them to us, we gift a Starbucks coupon.


💓Benefit 5: starbucks coupon 2 

If you received this business card and share it on social media, we gift a Starbucks coupon.


There are unique benefits for those who have received our secret card.


If you haven’t received one, request the card. By taking the same actions, you can receive the same benefits.

The card was personally given to you by our team.

We strive for improvement, so please stay tuned for more updates.

We also highly appreciate your ideas!

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