[ABK Real Story] YOUNG EUN

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Turning Back Time Beautifully!

✨Age : 30s✨

👨‍⚕️Surgical Procedures👨‍⚕️

1) Thread lift
2) Revision breast augmentation (Mentor extra)

Profile view of a woman with highlighted areas indicating sagging jawline and uneven breast size.

Before Surgery

“I had breast augmentation with saline implants 10 years ago.

Over time, the saline was gradually absorbed,

causing the implants to shrink and the texture to deteriorate.

I decided to have revision surgery

to address the sagging jawline, irregular shape, reduced size,

and uneven texture of my breasts.”


Progression of post-surgery recovery including before suture removal, at 3 weeks, 40 days, and 2 months.

💎Recovery Timeline💎

-The swelling began to subside, and my breasts started to look more natural.

-Continued improvement in the appearance of my breasts.

-The swelling has gone down, and I feel much better.

-I also had fat grafting to enhance the volume above my breasts,

creating beautiful cleavage.

I feel confident in any outfit or from any angle.

Woman in red dress exuding confidence with before and after images showcasing transformation in outfit.

The second surgery was less painful than the first,

and I am very satisfied with the texture and shape.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery again,

don’t worry—go for it!

Woman with long brown hair wearing a white sleeveless dress and large earrings, looking downwards with a soft smile.


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