[ABK Real Story] MI MI

Pink background with text: MIMI Real Story - I've blossomed into beauty, inside and out! Woman in a tropical print swimsuit posing against a pink background

✨Age : 20s✨

👨‍⚕️Surgical Procedures👨‍⚕️

1) Eye surgery
2) Under eye fat repositioning
3) Revision rhinoplasty
4) Breast augmentation

5) Accessory breast removal
6) Facial fat grafting
7) Chin / cheek liposuction
8) Mouth corner correction

9) Botox


Since I was young, I have felt a lot of stress because of my appearance.

🎈My face wasn’t considered attractive,

and my small chest size made me feel restricted in my choice of clothes.

Looking in the mirror, I didn’t feel like I truly saw a woman.

Front and side view of a woman in a pink bikini top labeled 'Before' prior to a cosmetic procedure. Smiling woman in a black bra with arms crossed and text 'AFTER' in the top right corner.



Smiling woman with long dark hair in a yellow top


Person post-surgery with bandages on face, wearing a striped shirt.


Close-up of a woman with short hair wearing a striped shirt


Woman smiling in close-up portrait


Smiling woman in traditional attire resting her chin on her hand


Woman with long hair and red lipstick posing with her hand under her chin.

Progression of breast development over three months with a 'before' image and monthly updates.

Woman posing in black lingerie with a blazer, showcasing a glamorous appearance.

However, many people have since told me I’ve become more beautiful.

But for me, the most significant transformation was internal.

😊I managed to overcome my insecurities about my looks,

leading to a surge in confidence that surpassed everything else.

Now, I possess a positive outlook on life.

Whether it’s in my career or my relationships with others,

I am able to look forward to the future with dignity and hope.

I am truly grateful!🥰

Collage of a woman posing in different outfits; standing in a black dress with lace sleeves, reclining in a white floral top, and sitting while wearing a strapless dress.


Woman with Healthy Hair Promoting All Beauty Korea Hair Care

Proper Scalp & Hair Care Methods for Summer

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