Image of ABK model who received plastic surgeries

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Before&after photos of the model Before&after photos of the model

👩‍⚕️Surgical Procedures👩‍⚕️

💎Breast Augmentation
💎Whole body liposuction
💎Lower eyelid fat repositioning
(fat grafting for aegyo-sal)
💎Facial fat grafting

The following is a real review based on the content written by the model who underwent the surgeries herself.

Photos of the model before her surgeries

“I gave birth to a child at the age of 17,

so my body shape changed faster than others.

I suffered every day from repeated weight loss and gain

because I tried various methods for dieting.

I decided to undergo plastic surgery

when the entertainment agency told me that

I would be fired if I didn’t lose weight.😥

My dream is to become famous by participating in modeling contests.

I didn’t want to give up just because my face and body

weren’t considered ideal.

🙂When I saw the “models wanted” post on ABK’s Instagram,

I decided to apply,

hoping that I can change my life through plastic surgery.”

🎨Beautify with ABK’s support!🎨

“I want to become a shining woman at all times.

I want to share my story with those who are considering plastic surgery!”

ABK staff member greets the model

ABK staff member greets the model

Image of the model during airport transfer

“Thanks to ABK’s transportation service,

I was able to move comfortably to the next location!😍

They even provided me with a sleep mask,

so I slept soundly until I arrived at the studio.”

Image of the photo shoot before surgeries

Image of the photo shoot before surgeries

“After the model interview and photo shoot,

I went to the hospital for pre-surgery tests.”

The model at the plastic surgery clinic

The model at the plastic surgery clinic

“All the hospital staff were so kind.

The ABK interpreter empathized with my concerns

and kindly explained everything,

which made me feel very reassured!

The model at the plastic surgery clinic

The model at the plastic surgery clinic

“I specifically asked the doctor for natural-looking results!

After signing the surgery consent form and waking up from the surgery,

I said goodbye to my flat chest and body line,

as well as the face that I didn’t like.😎”

🎊After Surgery🎊

The model after her surgeries

The model after her surgeries

The model after her surgeries

“During the recovery period,

ABK provided me with attentive care while I was lying in bed!

They even prepared water and porridge for me,

so I didn’t feel lonely even when I was alone🥰,

and I felt very supported.

The doctor assured me that the surgery was successful

and that there was nothing left

but to become more beautiful in the future,

so I am looking forward to it!

After listening to the instructions

on post-operative precautions,

I was discharged!”

  Images of the model at the pharmacy and shopping

😍ABK provided me with a swelling care set and special gifts

that are necessary after surgery!

I was deeply touched!

Image of the model during downtime

Image of the model during downtime

“On the 5th day after the surgery,

I visited the hospital for post-operative care

and had samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) with ABK staff!

I heard it helps with blood circulation, so I ate a lot.

It was so delicious.

😀They always asked if I had any discomfort,

if there was anything I wanted to eat,

or if there was anywhere I wanted to go,

which helped me a lot,

and I was really grateful.

Image of the gifts from ABK

“The day before returning home,

ABK prepared a gift for my family!”

Image of the model leaving Korea

“Throughout my stay in Korea,

they always provided care and kindness,

making it hard to say goodbye.

I felt a bit sad parting ways.

I want to meet all the ABK staff again

when I come to Korea next time.

Thank you, ABK!


No longer jealous of others!

The model who received plastic surgeries has become beautiful.

“Now I can confidently wear swimsuits and tight-fitting clothes!

First of all, I’m really thankful to ABK.🤩

From before the surgery to after, they provided close care by my side.

The surgeries were not easy, but during the recovery period,

ABK interpreted for me so that I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

Above all, I’m really satisfied with having the surgeries through ABK.

I asked for a natural look, and I’m really happy that it was realized.

Photos after the plastic surgeries

“Previously, I never imagined myself being interested in

tight-fitting clothes or swimsuits,

but now I have a slim and voluminous figure

so I want to wear more revealing outfits!

This time, I even entered a swimsuit contest.

It’s all thanks to ABK!

Excellent interpreters and an outstanding doctor at the hospital

truly gave me the best opportunity!

Thank you for changing my life.

If you want to become an ABK LEADERS MODEL,

take the first step with courage!😊

I hope you, too, have a shining life like I do!

The model who received plastic surgeries has become beautiful. Image of the official logo of ABK


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